Where Everybody Can Get a Bike and Learn to Keep it Rolling!
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Kickstand Bicycle Collective is an all-volunteer initiative to put bicycles on the streets of Knoxville and surrounding area by operating a community bike shop, teaching bike mechanics, maintenance, and safe practice. KBC acts to connect community members to local bike advocacy groups. KBC primarily
serves those who have limited resources and may not have access to other forms of transport. The Collective practices reuse of resources and recycling of materials in all practical ways.

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What We Do


A significant part of Kickstand's work is inspecting and repairing bicycles. We will teach you how to repair your own bike for safe cycling*

New volunteers work with more experienced volunteers to learn basic bike mechanics or to improve their skills


Kickstand works with community partners to provide bicycles to children's groups, refugee agencies, and individuals in socioeconomic need

Kickstand sells bikes in order to fund our mission of getting bikes into the community. From time to time, we sell higher-end bikes to purchase bike parts, tools, and supplies to continue our work. 

Kickstand promotes cycling by participating in a wide variety of local events by providing loaner bikes for Open Streets, Earth Fest, etc. and partnering with many community organizations

Kickstand installs and maintains bike repair stations which are free to use and available to the public 24/7

*A note on repairs: Kickstand would love to repair every bike brought in to us, but we simply don't have the time.  We only repair bikes bought or donated from us which carries our inventory label.  Please help support local bicycle shops for all your repair needs.  If you're inclined, we can show you how to do the repairs yourself.

The Shop

Bike Repair Space

Parts and Tools

Bike Showroom



Kickstand partners with multiple community organizations across Knoxville, offering donated bikes, bike repair demonstrations, and safe cycling education.

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For a complete list, please see "Sponsors and Partners" under "About Us"



"Great organization that helps lot of people. The new repair stations are wonderful!" -Millie Gimmel, Kickstand patron

"I took our 8-year-old foster daughter to get a bike today. Paul spent probably over an hour with us both choosing the right bike and teaching her how to ride without training wheels. He was so kind, encouraging and helpful to her. Thank you, Kickstand! As of tonight she is a bike rider, no training wheels required!" -Mary Ann Watkins, Kickstand patron

"I have been involved with Kickstand for a couple of years now in different capacities, and I am excited to continue to see Kickstand grow. I was taught how to perform bike maintenance, participated in community bike rides, and engaged in community bike advocacy thanks to the organization." -Hannah Carilyn, former Kickstand volunteer and patron

"Excellent group. They know their stuff and take pride in their work!"

-Derek Morgan, Kickstand patron

"Your hard work and generosity made so many children's Holidays special."  -Claudia Caballero, Executive Director, Centro Hispano of East Tennessee